Britzson British Shorthairs

Britzson British Shorthair kittens for sale

Welcome to Britzson British Shorthairs, your dependable source for the finest British Shorthairs. As a professional British Shorthair breeder, we have a passion for these wonderful felines and take pride in sharing their unique traits and personalities with families and individuals far and wide. We prioritize ensuring that our kitties are happy and healthy and will […]

PrettyBritz British Shorthair

We have put a lot of time and love in giving our beautiful cats the best quality food and upbringing, our cats are also free roaming to ensure they interact well with people. Our cats are a big part of our family, all of our cats have been screen tested for DNA genetics, and are […]

Illustra Ragdolls

ILLUSTRA, was established in 1988, with RASCC. We first achieved Grand Champion status exhibiting our first male in that same year.  ILLUSTRA is now proudly a member of CatsNSW. ‘Hopelessly Devoted to Ragdoll Cats‘ Ethical Registered Breeders of Quality Show and Pet Kittens, Illustra Ragdolls incorporates imported and domestic Ragdolls in our breeding. This broad […]

Minnymees Munchkins

We have been registered Cat breeders since 1986 and during that time we have had the pleasure of helping many families also get the enjoyment of bringing a Munchkin Cat into their home as well. We are proudly amongst one of the original Munchkin Cat Breeders in Australia. We have been RSPCA and Local Council […]

HiBee Tail British Shorthair

Hibee Tail is a small cattery full of love and care. We concentrate on Golden shaded and Golden Pointed British Shorthair. Our King and Queen imported from overseas with great Bloodlines. All our kittens go to their forever homes will be: * Desexed * Registered * socialised * Microchipped * Vaccinated x2 F3 * 2 […]

BOREALIS Norwegian Forest

BOREALIS Norwegian Forest Cats

Borealis Cats began its breeding program of Norwegian Forest cats from quality Scandinavian lines, breeding for temperament, size and coat. Our kittens are vaccinated, vet checked, desexed (if a pet), litter trained, flea and worm treated, and we offer lifetime of follow-up whenever required. My Birmans are from show-winning backgrounds and are mainly pure seal […]

Mangalakatz: Singapura

Mangalakatz Singapura kittens on a blanket

My name is Fiona Stokes and I have been a registered breeder since 2000. I am proudly registered with Australian National Cats Inc. (ANCATS). In my professional life, I am Veterinary Nurse with over 20 years experience within the veterinary nursing field, however, I have now retired so 100% of my attention can be given […]

Kittams Devon Rex

Kittams Devon Rex kitten

I fell in love with these little people twenty-one years ago. They have been said to be dog-like as they chase balls and follow you around the house from room to room. Some position themselves at the front door whether it be as a guardian or a sticky beak. Kitchen duties and mopping floors are […]

FurReFae Devon Rex

FurReFae Devon Rex Cat

All the kittens are raised in a indoor home, they are fed Royal Canin Baby cat and Kitten in Dry and canned food. The greatest care is given to these babies . They are all handled and they have their nails cut and are bathed before they go.All kittens go home with 6 weeks free […]


Figaro DEVON REX kitten on a blanket

Our foundation Queen is Cleopatra – a very well tempered girl, who is both lazy and lively all at the right times. Cleo’s beau – Remi – joined the Figaro family in 2021 and we are expecting another litter in August 2022. Figaro Kittens offer pure breed and papered Devon Rex kittens to join your […]