Norwegian Forest Cats
& Kittens for Sale

The Norwegian Forest Cat enjoys being with people and other pets and is excellent with children. They are very patient animals and are not stressed easily. They are very intelligent and have a natural curiosity.

Breeder Location

*Most of our listed Breeders can ship cats and kittens Nationally and Internationally. Don’t hesitate to ask!


South Australia (SA)


Registered Breeders in the
Adelaide Hills.
We breed lovely affectionate pets in a
home based environment.
Visit our website for information on our
parents and kittens, when available.

Victoria (VIC)


Established 1990 and now breeding
Norwegian Forest Cats
My kittens are bred from beautiful imported lines from many
countries, ensuring genetic diversity and health
Kittens are sold as pets only
They are desexed prior to leaving our home
All my kittens are raised and socialised
in a loving home environment