Which cat is right for you? Explore different types of cats.

Find out more about each cat’s personality, appearance, history, care, temperament, and traits.


Types of Cats

Australian Mist Cat Breed – Information & Pictures

Australian Mists are an extremely affectionate breed and very people orientated. They prefer to spend time with their owners and are always involved in family activities. Their even temperament makes them excellent pets for anyone, even very young children.

Balinese Cat Breed – Information & Pictures

They are extremely affectionate and love to be in contact with their people. A Balinese is a cat that will be noticed. They will be there with you in times of need, consoling you with their company, and they will be there in your times of joy, ready to play and join in the fun. Life with a Balinese is an adventure, always on the move and never dull.

Bombay Cat Breed – Information & Pictures

They are outgoing cats, friendly and playful. They are very agile and athletic, and their antics will keep you constantly amused. They are easily leash trained and like to retrieve. Bombays make a great addition to the family as they get on well with children and dogs.

Burmese Cat Breed – Information & Pictures

Burmese is a very friendly inquisitive cat with an outgoing, loving nature. The Burmese is an upfront cat, not left out of where it is all happening. It’s a participator – alert, curious, intelligent, interfering and gregarious: you cannot ignore it!

Cheetoh kitten

Cheetoh Cat Breed – Information & Pictures

The Cheetoh Cat is intelligent, very curious and quite dog-like in their ways. Cheetoh’s are a sweet natured lap cat that look wild but have a dependable docile nature and can be trusted around anyone, especially children.

Cornish Rex Cat Breed – Information & Pictures

It is hard to find words to do justice to all Cornish Rex’s fine qualities, but no one could be immune to their magnificent coat as a show cat or just as a pet. The Cornish Rex is genuinely one of nature’s miracles.

Devon Rex Cat Breed – Information & Pictures

The character of the Devon Rex is remarkable! Devon Rex are alert and active, and shows a lively interest in their surroundings. They love to be with their humans, and enjoy playing fetch or other games. They are also extremely agile cats with an inquisitive nature and will explore every corner of their homes.

Egyptian Mau Cat Breed – Information & Pictures

The average Mau is quite clingy to his owners; some will take to only one family member, while others will take over the entire household. Whichever way it goes, once the Mau has bonded, he is your lover for life and will actively participate in anything you do, whether you want him there or not.

Highlander Cat Breed – Information & Pictures

The Highlander cat will steal your heart with their fun loving nature and crazy antics. This breed is extremely affectionate, gentle and also very playful. The Highlander cat loves to be the centre of attention. They are a high energy cat with an inquisitive nature. They love to chase and play.

Himalayan Cat Breed – Information & Pictures

Along with their striking appearance, Himalayans have a wonderfully outgoing and engaging personality being extremely affectionate, playful and endearing. Many Himalayan fanciers would say they are the most outgoing of all Persian cats.

Maine Coon Cat Breed – Information & Pictures

Maine Coon is a loyal gentle cat. They are often known as the Gentle Giant of the cat world. They are a vocal breed with a variety of meows, chirps and trills. They are very sociable and get on well with children and other pets. They love to be part of the family and will join in most family activities.

Ocicat Cat Breed – Information & Pictures

The Ocicat personality and temperament are predictable and loving – they make a wonderful addition to any household – they generally adapt readily to most situations, including children and other pets.

Oriental Cat Breed – Information & Pictures

Orientals eagerly greet you at the door and tell you all about their day. If you’re late, they will scold you and tell you how worried they were that you didn’t call. Curiosity and intelligence combined, providing Orientals a means of finding anything and everything.

Ragdoll Cat Breed – Information & Pictures

Ragdolls are extremely docile and love to be held and cuddled. They are usually relaxed in new surroundings and get on well with dogs and cats. Ragdolls are very affectionate and gentle making them an ideal pet for children.

Selkirk Rex Cat Breed – Information & Pictures

Selkirk Rexs are curious, tolerant, extremely sociable cats that enjoy spending time with their preferred persons. People-oriented without being clingy, Selkirks have a generous measure of love and loyalty for their human companions.

Siamese Cat Breed – Information & Pictures

Siamese cats are a very intelligent, lively, entertaining cat. They can be very demanding and become totally involved in their owner’s life. Siamese do not like to be ignored and always have to be the centre of attention. They usually regard themselves as people rather than cats. You will never be bored if you own a Siamese cat.

Singapura Cat Breed – Information & Pictures

Singapura cats are mischievous and inquisitive, meaning that they will investigate anything thoroughly. They are very quick witted, able to adapt and learn, intelligent, lightning fast and genuinely tough and hardy. They get on well with children and other pets.They have enchanting personalities, always wanting to please and entertain you. Soft sweet little voices that question you and answer you back. They are truly people pleasers.

Snowshoe Cat Breed – Information & Pictures

The Snowshoe is a medium sized short hair cat with beautiful blue eyes. A very friendly breed, social and interactive, who love to spend time with their humans and also get along very well with other pets. The Snowshoe will delight and entertain you, being very playful and intelligent. They are easy and fun to train for harness and basic tricks. In general you will never be lonely with a Snowshoe in the house!

Somali Cat Breed – Information & Pictures

Fun, bubbly, affectionate, clever, confident and very attractive. Sounds like the perfect party guest? Of course it does, and I am talking about the Somali cat. They are not only delightful guests but also live-in companions, as they love to help with the housework!

Tiffanie Cat Breed – Information & Pictures

The longhair Burmilla (Tiffanie) is bright and funloving, but more laid back than its shorthair relative in most cases. It is an ideal cat for single people or families, being quite happy to wait until you come home for attention. They are not a demanding cat, but still love to spend as much time with you as possible.

Tonkinese Cat Breed – Information & Pictures

The personality of the Tonkinese is unique. A cat that will retrieve things for you, run and meet you at the front door when you get home from work, insist on sitting on your lap or the most comfortable position, a cat that not only gets along with dogs but has them wrapped around their little claws, can be taken for walks on a lead, are all characteristics of a fantastic breed.

Toyger Cat Breed – Information & Pictures

The Toyger has a laid back easy going temperament and makes a good companion. They are athletic and love to be around people. They are very suitable for most households and get on well with children and other pets. Toygers are intelligent and are easily trained. Many Toygers enjoy playing with water much like their wild cousins, tigers, who are strong swimmers and enjoy bathing in rivers, lakes and waterholes.

Tundra Cat Breed – Information & Pictures

Tundra Cats are a large breed with inquisitive nature’s and love to be very much a part of the family. They are a hardy, healthy breed of cat with that ‘big wild cat’ look, and are very unique with their loosely curled ear, polydactyl feet and bob or long tail. Tundra are extremely intelligent and can be taught to fetch, walk on a harness and lead, sit and come with their dog-like nature’s.

Turkish Van Cat Breed – Information & Pictures

The Turkish Van is extremely intelligent and imaginative. A Turkish cat is very lively, loving and demonstrative pet. They frequently chatter in answer to their owners, more often than not getting the last word in.