Ragdoll Cats
& Kittens for Sale

Ragdolls are extremely docile and love to be held and cuddled. They are usually relaxed in new surroundings and get on well with dogs and cats. Ragdolls are very affectionate and gentle making them an ideal pet for children.

Breeder Location

*Most of our listed Breeders can ship cats and kittens Nationally and Internationally. Don’t hesitate to ask!


New South Wales (NSW)


Australia’s finest…

Dedicated Registered Ragdoll Breeders est. 2003

Awarded Cattery of Excellence
Internationally and Nationally

All Enquiries Welcome Phone: 0407 859 691

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Every kitten is planned and
loved from before they are born.
Breeding gorgeous kittens in variety
of colours and patterns including
the rare minks and solid ragdolls.

Phone: 0400 071 676

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Award Winning Imported Lines with
Temperaments that will melt your Heart

Phone: 0417 941 637

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Breeding Ragdolls and offering kittens
at a price that encourages the
ownership of this loveable breed.

They come to you micro-chipped, vaccinated and ready to become a Loveable part of your family.

Phone: 0246 841 235

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Situated on the central coast with transport available

We produce stunning, healthy, happy Ragdolls
in blue, chocolate, lilac, seal in points, bicolour and mitted
Breeder of the rare mink and sepia Ragdolls

Phone: 0448 086 614

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Breeding the highest of quality,
beautifully natured Ragdolls
raised underfoot in our family home.

Unique Chocolate and Lilac as well as Blue and Seal.
Pointed, Mitted and Bi-colour.
Imported bloodlines, Poland, Belgium and USA.
(Freight Australia Wide)

Phone: 0491 221 121

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We are a small registered hobby breeder of Pedigree Mink,
Sepia and Traditional Ragdolls, located in Sydney.
All of our breeding cats are DNA screened and registered with ANCATS.
Our cats are from imported pedigree lines coming from NZ,
Canada, USA, Netherlands and Poland.
Kittens are raised inside our home so they are well socialised,
affectionate and playful.

Phone: 0450 914 370 or 0499 288 444

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We are a hobby breeder located in Sydney
registered with ANCATS.
We have all our entire cats imported from
overseas with sweetest look and personality.
Breeding Ragdolls and Exotic Shorthairs

We are a small hobby boutique Cattery,
breeding the Beautiful Ragdoll Cat,
Located near Lithgow.
We are registered breeders. NSWCFA #1263261.
Our Ragdolls are well-socialised, affectionate
and are very playful and pampered.
Our Kittens leave with all their vet work
complete and a kitten pack.

Ph 0411 049 510     Visit Us on Facebook

Goulburn NSW

At Dolldelight we breed Ragdoll kittens
for quality and temperament.

We raise kittens in our home in
an environment where they can grow to be
social, adored and well cared for.

Queensland (QLD)


Available in all 3 Traditional Patterns
Pointed, Mitted and Bi Colour and
all 4 Traditional Colours, Seal, Blue, Chocolate and Lilac
All of our breeding cats are tested and
Clear for HCM and PKD
Registered Breeders with Cats Qld CQ327

Debbie on 07 5495 5260 or 0419 955 250

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Registered Breeders with Q.F.A
“Because everyone needs an Angel….”
We aim to breed healthy,
cheeky, blue-eyed balls of fluff,
underfoot in our home for your enjoyment.

Sunshine Coast – Queensland

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A small Cattery breeding for
temperament, size and type

Quality kittens raised in our home
and under our feet.
Points, mitts and bi colours in seal, blue, chocolate and lilac

Fancy Paws

Fancy Paws Ragdolls
Home of the Big Cats

“Pedigree Ragdolls with PURRsonality PLUS”


Phone: 0411 257 550
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Victoria (VIC)


Welcome to the Dollhouse

Dedicated registered breeder of Ragdolls,
with an emphasis on type, size, temperament,
bunny soft coat and of course
those beautiful blue eyes.

Ragdoll and Bengal Cattery

It’s my pleasure to share my love
of cats with everyone I meet.
I respect them as my family
and give them the best care.

We are Registered at GCCFV(2613)

Western Australia (WA)


Western Australia

Healthy, happy, well-adjusted
and socialised kittens

All Enquiries Welcome

Ph: 0409 685 798 or 0407 606 023

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We are a small family Cattery dedicated to
raising healthy, well socialised kittens completely
content with living indoors. All our kittens are
raised as part of the family. Health Guaranteed.
Enquiries Welcome
Michele Brandis

I am a Registered Breeder of Ragdoll Kittens
Raising these gorgeous Kittens in my home
for the pleasure of their company.
All Kittens are Desexed, Micro chipped,
Vaccinated and litter trained.