Abyssinian Cats
& Kittens for Sale

The Abyssinian is affectionate, intelligent, and very people orientated cat. She is extremely active and thrives on interaction and play.

Breeder Location

*Most of our listed Breeders can ship cats and kittens Nationally and Internationally. Don’t hesitate to ask!


Queensland (QLD)


Home raised with tons of love
and affection

Sue & Michael Shawn

0405 10 4260  or  0428 67 2256
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Black Blue Cinnamon
Registered Breeder – Brisbane Area

Home raised, lively, loving, loyal and intelligent companions
Kittens available for pet or show at special times during the year

QFA Registered Breeder of
Tawny & Cinnamon Abys

Home raised with extra care, love and attention
Happy, healthy, affectionate
show and pet Kittens.

Best Exhibit of the Year 2010
Breeding exceptional kittens from top German, UK and US lines

House raised, with lots of love and care, to bring out that exceptional personality and over the top nature

Victoria (VIC)


Abyssinian Breeder registered with the
Feline Control Council Victoria

Breeding happy healthy Abyssinians in
Tawny, Cinnamon, Blue and Fawn.