Selkirk Rex

Selkirk Rexs are curious, tolerant, extremely sociable cats that enjoy spending time with their preferred persons. People-oriented without being clingy, Selkirks have a generous measure of love and loyalty for their human companions.

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One first may be attracted to the Selkirk’s cute, curly exterior but these cats also make champion companions.

Selkirks fit in well with other family members including children and usually get along well with other companion animals. Because they are very social, they don’t do well in isolation or when left alone for long periods.

Selkirks are fun-loving cats that stay playful and kittenish well into adulthood. They enjoy a good game of fetch and particularly enjoy games in which their guardians take active roles. Laser lights, feather toys, catnip mice and even a wad of paper can keep them entertained for hours.


Due to the unique genetics of this breed straight haired kittens do turn up in litters. The straight haired kittens are similar to British Shorthairs.

The Selkirk Rex come in all colours and patterns in both long and shorthair varieties.

Their coats are easy to groom as the curls are separate strands that rarely knot. They are large cats with a full curly coat, special care has been taken with this breed to develop a healthy cat with a wonderful well rounded personality, they really love people.

The Selkirk Rex is a recognised breed by Australian Cat Associations. The first Selkirk Rex was imported into Australia in 1999 and the first litter born in Australia was on 13 November 2000.

Breed History

This new curly breed was first discovered in the USA in 1987. A worker in an animal shelter noticed a cat with a unique curly coat and gave her to a Persian breeder named Jeri Newman. That cat named Miss DePesto was bred to a Persian and her first litter contained 3 straight coated kittens and 3 kittens with this unique soft curly coat. The curly kittens were bred to Persian, British and Exotics to develop the Selkirk Rex lines.