russian blue kitten

Russian Blue

The Russian Blue has a quiet sometimes shy although very affectionate personality. They are very soft spoken and you rarely hear them speak. They are very well suited to indoor life.

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The Russian Blue’s quiet tranquil personality may best suit a family with the same characteristics. They are very loyal and become devoted to their owners.

The Russian Blue is an intelligent cat, playful and sweet. They like to join in family activities.


The Russian Blue has a distinctive plush double coat which is silky soft like the fur of a seal. This graceful elegant cat is a bright even blue colour with silver tipped guard hairs giving it a silver sheen. The Russian Blue has vivid green eyes and a mauve or lavender pink nose leather and paw pads. Their whisker pads are prominent which sometimes makes them look like they are smiling.

Breed History

Much of the Russian Blues’ early history is unknown although they are thought to have originated in Russia. An earlier name for them was the Archangel Cat, as they were believed to come from a port city in Russia named Archangelsk. They were first imported into England in the late 1800s.