Persian Cats are usually a quiet and gentle cat. They are calm and undemanding and can be very affectionate. They are very placid and unlikely to scratch anyone.

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Because of the Persian’s serene nature they usually get on well with other pets and are great with children that are not too boisterous. They love to be stroked and patted and lap up any attention you give them. They are not noisy. Persians are playful but not demanding and can give their owners much love and devotion. They have the ability to adapt to most environments and seem to take everything in their stride.


Even people who know nothing about cats will usually be able to identify a Persian cat. They are the most recognizable of all cat breeds.

The Persian cat has a long flowing coat with luxurious full, soft wooly undercoat hairs with longer coarser guard hairs and a chunky body which is often referred to as ‘cobby’. Their legs are thick and stocky. Persians have round eyes set in a sweet round flat face.

Persians come in many patterns and colours listed below.












Seal Point

Blue Point

Tortie Point

Red Point

Cream Point

Blue/Cream Point

Chocolate Point

Lilac Point


Black and


Red and White

Tortie and White

Blue and White

Calico (Blue Cream White)



Shaded Silver




Persian owners must be prepared to groom the glorious coat daily. This is a high maintenance breed which depends totally on its owner for its comfort and wellbeing. If grooming is neglected for any length of time the coat matts and will require expert attention. Persians moult heavily twice a year, and shed some hair all year round. Proper maintenance requires a daily run-through with a metal comb to eliminate the potential drawbacks of tangles and hairballs.

The Persian cat’s eyes also need attention. Persian cats have considerable problems with watering eyes which over time can cause dark discoloration caused by tear marks. To prevent this a special eye lotion for cats can be applied.

Breed History

It is said that the ancestors of today’s Persians were brought back from far away Persia along with silk, jewels and spices by explorers in the 17th century. They became a status symbol and were much sought after.

They were named Persians after their Country of origin. Their true origin is not completely known. References to Persians can be found in hieroglyphic records as early as 1684BC.