Orientals eagerly greet you at the door and tell you all about their day. If you’re late, they will scold you and tell you how worried they were that you didn’t call. Curiosity and intelligence combined, providing Orientals a means of finding anything and everything.

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Orientals have been known to open a drawer, or empty your purse to discover their favourite toy. Give them the attention and affection they so desperately need, and they will do anything to please you. Ignore them, and they will droop with despair.

These elegant, svelte cats remain playful and loyal well beyond their youth. In the busiest moments, your Oriental will find a way to interrupt your activities; a little nudge while you eat, or some help tying your shoes before you leave in the morning. You’ll need help deciding which items to select from the refrigerator! In the calmest of times, they’ll share the warmth of your lap, provide a comforting purr, and nuzzle your chin when you need it the most.


From the tip of its nose to the end of its long, whippy tail, the Oriental is a study in sleek design. This elegant cat gracefully glides across the room on its tall, slender legs. The lines of the Oriental’s angular head flow into its large flaring ears, and are complimented by its almond shaped eyes. Don’t be fooled by the svelte, tubular body; these cats have surprising weight and muscle tone and are neither frail nor fragile.

Breed History

Orientals represent a diverse group of cats that have their foundation in the Siamese breed. When the Oriental Shorthair was accepted for championship status in 1977 it rapidly became one of Cat Fancier’s Association’s most popular breeds.

With the 1995 addition of the Oriental Longhair into this family of sleek, muscular felines the Oriental breed can provide a cat for just about anyone. With over 300 different colours and patterns to choose from, you’re guaranteed to find an Oriental that will tickle your fancy.