The Highlander cat will steal your heart with their fun loving nature and crazy antics. This breed is extremely affectionate, gentle and also very playful. The Highlander cat loves to be the centre of attention. They are a high energy cat with an inquisitive nature. They love to chase and play.

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Highlander’s playful behaviour helps build a powerful muscular body, which is so characteristic of the breed.


Highlander Cats have a dog-like disposition and are easily trained. They are very intelligent and can be trained to sit, fetch and to walk on a leash plus much more.

Highlander Cats get on well with children, dogs and other cats. Highlanders make a great fun loving addition to any family.


The Highlander is an exciting new giant breed of cat with a striking unique appearance.

The Highlander breed is a domestic cat with the ‘Big Cat’ look. A powerful heavy muscular body is a characteristic of this domestic cat breed.

Highlander Cats come with different characteristics:

  • The ears may be curled or not.
  • The tail may be long or bobbed.
  • The feet may be normal or polydactyl.

Explanation of Polydactyl:
Normal cats have four toes and one dewclaw on each front paw and four toes on each hind paw. Polydactyl cats may have as many as seven digits on front and or hind paws. Polydactyl is most commonly found on the front paws.

Polydactyls are referred to as Highland Lynx

It takes 3-4 years for Highlander Cats to reach maturity. They grow into very large, heavy cats (Similar to the Maine Coon).

Weight of a Highlander Cat:

  • Males from 9 kilos plus (20 pounds plus)
  • Females from 5.5 kilos plus (12 pounds plus)

The Highlander comes in both long and short hair and also in a variety of colours.

Breed History

Development of the breed began in 2004 and an early name for it was the Highland Lynx. No wild cat genes were used to develop the breed, rather the name refers to the desire to create a domestic cat with a powerful “Big Cat” look. In 2005, the name Highlander was decided on for this unique breed of cat.