How to tell if a Cat is Pregnant? – Signs of Pregnancy

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If your female cat is not spayed and she is allowed outside while she is in heat the chances of her mating and becoming pregnant are very high.

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At what age can my cat become pregnant?

Your cat will first come into season (heat) somewhere between four months and twelve months and can become pregnant with the first mating.

What are the first signs that a Cat is Pregnant?

The first noticeable sign of pregnancy in a cat is a change in her nipples. Approximately three weeks after mating her nipples will become pinker and more enlarged. This is called ‘Pinking’

Your cat may become more affectionate and want more of your attention.

There may be an increase in appetite.

Pregnancy can be confirmed by your vet from approximately 22 days using an ultrasound.

As the pregnancy advances your cat may begin ‘nesting’ behaviour. She may begin searching for a place to deliver her kittens. She will try to get into closets, cupboards and other secluded places

How long is a cat pregnant?

The gestation period for a cat is between 60 and 67 days with the average being 63 days. It is easy to remember, nine months pregnancy for humans, nine weeks pregnancy for cats.

Gaining Weight

Your cat will begin to gain weight after the fourth week and you will notice that her tummy is beginning to swell.

What are the signs my cat is going into labor?

Usually, about two days before giving birth your cat’s mammary glands will increase in size and she will begin producing milk. Your cat’s temperature will decrease to about 99 degrees F and you may notice a drop in her appetite. She may become restless and begin nesting in earnest. She may follow you around and become very affectionate or pace from room to room. Other signs are that she may begin purring, meowing, panting, and licking her genitals and she may vomit. You may notice a vaginal discharge and eventually contractions. Not all signs apply to all cats.

Then the birthing process begins.

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