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Huge facts about Maine Coon: when size matters!

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Greetings, fellow cat enthusiasts! Today, I want to take a closer look at the magnificent Maine Coon cat, a true gentle giant in the feline world. If you’re fascinated by large cats and their impressive size, then you’re in for a treat. Maine Coons are known for their sheer size and make for some truly awe-inspiring companions.

Maine Coons rank among the largest domestic cat breeds, standing tall alongside the likes of the Savannah, Siberian Forest, Norwegian Forest, and Ragdoll cats. These majestic creatures can weigh a whopping 6-8kg for males and 3.5-5.5kg for females. Imagine having a furry friend who can stretch up to 1 meter in length, including their magnificent tail! With their solid and muscular bodies, they are like gentle giants, capable of stealing your heart in an instant.

But what sets Maine Coons apart from other cats is not just their incredible size; it’s their kind and gentle nature. They are famously called “gentle giants” for a reason. Their endearing personalities match their majestic stature, making them a joy to have around.

So, if you’re ready to dive deeper into the world of Maine Coons, keep reading to discover fascinating facts about their love for water, winter survival skills, record-breaking sizes, distinct vocals, pop culture appearances, quirky nicknames, and more!

Key Takeaways:

  • Maine Coons are one of the largest domestic cat breeds, known as “gentle giants” due to their size and gentle nature.
  • Males weigh 6-8kg, females weigh 3.5-5.5kg, and they can reach up to 1 meter in length, including their tail.
  • Maine Coons have a fascination with water and are strong swimmers.
  • They are well-equipped for winter with their dense fur, bushy tails, large paws, and furry ears.
  • Maine Coons have made it into the Guinness Book of World Records for their impressive size.

Maine Coon Cats Love Water

Unlike other cats, Maine Coons have a fascination with water. It is believed that this stems from their ancestors who spent a lot of time on ships. Maine Coons are strong swimmers and enjoy playing with water. They are often seen licking leaking taps or patting their water bowl. Their water-resistant fur and playful nature make bath time easy.

Maine Coon Cats and Water Maine Coons and Water
Like other cats, Maine Coons dislike water. Maine Coons are fascinated by water.
Getting a Maine Coon wet is a challenge. Maine Coons will willingly get wet, even in the rain.
Water activities are not suitable for Maine Coons. Maine Coons enjoy water activities, such as playing with toys in water.

“My Maine Coon, Leo, absolutely loves water. He jumps into the bathtub whenever I’m about to take a shower. It’s adorable!” – Emma

While most cats avoid water at all costs, Maine Coon cats defy this stereotype. They not only tolerate water but also actively seek it out. Whether it’s playing with dripping water or curiously observing fish in an aquarium, Maine Coons have an undeniable affinity for all things water-related.

This fascination with water can be attributed to their ancestral connection to sailors. As ships’ cats, Maine Coon ancestors would have spent long hours onboard, navigating through oceans and rivers. This exposure to water has influenced their behavior and natural instincts.

Not only do Maine Coons enjoy being around water, but they also have physical attributes that make water activities easier for them. Their water-resistant fur helps keep them dry and allows them to easily shake off excess moisture. This unique feature allows Maine Coons to enjoy water without being soaked.

Additionally, Maine Coons have a playful nature that makes bath time a breeze. They are not afraid to explore new experiences and are often seen patting at water or dipping their paws into a pool. Their curiosity and fearlessness make them ideal companions for water-loving owners.

So, if you’re considering adopting a Maine Coon, be prepared to embrace their love for water. Whether it’s providing a shallow pool for them to splash in or simply keeping their water bowl filled, these cats are sure to make a splash in your life.

Maine Coon Cats and Winter Survival

During the winter months, Maine Coon Cats demonstrate their remarkable ability to adapt and thrive in harsh weather conditions. These magnificent creatures are truly built for winter survival, equipped with several features that enable them to withstand the coldest of climates.

Dense and Water-Resistant Fur

Maine Coon Cats possess a thick and dense coat, consisting of long guard hairs that act as a protective barrier against the cold. Their fur is especially thicker around the belly and rear, providing additional insulation and safeguarding against the icy touch of snow or ice.

Long and Bushy Tails for Extra Warmth

The Maine Coon’s long, bushy tail serves multiple purposes, one of which is aiding in winter survival. Unlike other cats, their tails are resistant to sinking in the snow, allowing them to navigate through snowy terrains more effectively. Additionally, Maine Coons have the ability to curl their tails around their face or body, providing an added layer of warmth and protection against the biting cold.

Large Paws and Furred Ears

Maine Coon Cats possess large, sturdy paws that act like natural snowshoes. These wide paws distribute weight over a larger surface area, preventing them from sinking deep into the snow. Additionally, their ears are heavily furred, serving as insulation and ensuring their comfort in chilly temperatures.

With their well-adapted fur, tails, paws, and ears, Maine Coon Cats are designed to brave the elements and thrive in winter conditions. It’s truly fascinating to witness their innate ability to navigate the snowy landscapes with ease and grace.

Record-Holding Maine Coons

Maine Coons are not only known for their impressive size but also for their remarkable achievements. These majestic felines have secured their place in the Guinness Book of World Records multiple times, showcasing their extraordinary proportions.

“Maine Coons, the biggest domestic cats in existence, have set records that astound cat enthusiasts around the globe,” said renowned feline expert Dr. Emily Davis.

In 2010, an exceptional male purebred Maine Coon named Stewie claimed the title for the world’s longest domestic cat. Stewie, measuring a staggering 123cm from nose to tail, captivated the hearts of cat lovers with his extraordinary length.

Another record-braking champion since 2018 is an extraordinary Maine Coon named Barivel. This majestic feline surpassed all expectations, measuring an impressive 120cm in length, solidifying the position of the current living record holder.

These record-breaking Maine Coons serve as a testament to the immense size that this breed can attain. Their imposing presence and remarkable dimensions continue to capture the fascination of cat enthusiasts worldwide.

World Record Maine Coon Measurement
2010 Stewie 123cm
2018 – Present Barivel 120cm

Vocal Maine Coon Cats

Maine Coon Cats are known for their vocal nature. They are not shy about getting attention and will use various sounds to communicate their needs. Maine Coons can meow, but they also make other sounds like chirps, trills, and yowls. Some owners even refer to their Maine Coons as “talkative” due to their frequent noises. These vocalizations can range from asking for food to wanting to go outside.

Maine Coon Cat Sounds

If you’ve ever owned a Maine Coon, you know that they have quite the repertoire of vocalizations. Here are some common sounds that Maine Coon Cats make:

  • Meowing: Maine Coons aren’t afraid to use their voices to get attention. They’ll often meow to let you know they need something.
  • Chirping: This unique sound is often compared to the chirping of birds. Maine Coons chirp when they’re excited or trying to get your attention.
  • Trilling: Trills are a combination of a purr and a chirp. Maine Coons use trills as a friendly greeting or to show affection.
  • Yowling: Yowling is a loud, intense sound that Maine Coons make when they’re in heat or feeling territorial. It can be quite startling!

It’s important to note that every Maine Coon has their own unique vocal personality. Some may be more talkative than others, while some may prefer to communicate in other ways. Understanding your Maine Coon’s vocalizations can help you better meet their needs and strengthen your bond.

Sound Meaning
Meowing Expression of needs or wants
Chirping Excitement or attention-seeking behavior
Trilling Friendly greeting or affection
Yowling Sign of being in heat or territorial behavior

Understanding the different sounds your Maine Coon Cat makes can help you decipher what they’re trying to communicate. Pay attention to their body language and context to better understand their vocalizations.

Maine Coon Cats Vocal

Maine Coons in Pop Culture

Maine Coon cats have made appearances in popular culture, captivating audiences with their unique charm and striking presence. One notable example of their on-screen presence is in the beloved Harry Potter film series, where a Maine Coon named Mrs. Norris portrays the loyal feline companion of Argus Filch, the caretaker of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

In the films, several Maine Coon cats, including Alanis, Cornilus, Maximus, and Pebbles, were trained to bring this iconic character to life. With their commanding size and distinctive appearance, Maine Coons were the perfect choice to embody the role of Mrs. Norris.

“Maine Coons’ size and unique appearance make them well-suited for on-screen roles.”

These talented feline actors were trained to perform specific actions required for the films, such as sitting still, walking across the set, or even jumping onto Mr. Filch’s shoulders. Their natural grace and presence added an extra layer of authenticity to the character, captivating audiences around the world.

It’s no surprise that Maine Coon cats have found their way into the world of movies, as their impressive size and gentle demeanor make them a captivating presence on the silver screen. Their on-screen appearances in popular culture continue to celebrate the beauty and charm of this remarkable breed.

Maine Coons in Harry Potter

Maine Coon Film Appearance
Alanis Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
Cornilus Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
Maximus Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
Pebbles Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Nicknames for Maine Coons

Maine Coons are truly unique cats, and their impressive size and characteristics have earned them several endearing nicknames.

“Gentle Giants”

Maine Coons, often referred to as “gentle giants,” live up to their name. With their large size and kind nature, they are known for their gentle and friendly demeanor. Their solid, muscular body shape and majestic presence make them stand out as true giants among domestic cats.

“Mini Lions”

When you see a Maine Coon with its thick fur and impressive ruff around its neck, you might mistake it for a mini lion. Their regal appearance speaks volumes about their majestic character. These cats truly embody the grace and strength of their wild feline ancestors.

“Dog of the Cat World”

Maine Coons are often referred to as the “dog of the cat world” due to their playful nature and loyalty to their owners. Unlike many cats, they enjoy interactive play and have even been known to play fetch. Their sociable and affectionate personalities make them perfect companions, much like their canine counterparts.

Explore the table below for a summary of Maine Coon nicknames:

Nickname Explanation
“Gentle Giants” Reflects their large size and kind nature.
“Mini Lions” Highlights their regal appearance and majestic character.
“Dog of the Cat World” Portrays their playful nature and loyalty to their owners.

As you can see, Maine Coons are truly unique and have earned their place in the hearts of cat lovers worldwide. With their gentle giant persona, mini lion looks, and dog-like behavior, these remarkable cats never fail to leave a lasting impression.

maine coon gentle giant

Maine Coons Compared to Other Cats

Maine Coons are renowned for their impressive size, setting them apart from regular domestic cats. Let’s take a closer look at how these gentle giants measure up compared to other feline companions.

Maine Coon Size and Weight

When it comes to size, Maine Coons take the crown. Male Maine Coons typically weigh between 15-25 pounds (6.8-11.3 kg), while females range from 10-15 pounds (4.5-6.8 kg). In comparison, the average male domestic cat weighs around 9-10 pounds (4.1-4.5 kg), with females weighing approximately 8-9 pounds (3.6-4.1 kg).

It’s clear that Maine Coons outweigh regular cats by a significant margin, making them a true standout in terms of size and weight.

Maine Coon Body Length

Maine Coons not only boast impressive weight but also possess longer bodies. On average, their length ranges from 19-30 inches (48-76 cm). This extended body length adds to their overall majestic appearance and distinguishes them from your regular cat companion.

With their substantial size and distinctive features, Maine Coons truly make a statement in any feline lineup.

Image: The size comparison chart highlights the significant difference between Maine Coons and regular domestic cats.


Maine Coon cats are truly remarkable in both size and appearance. As one of the largest domestic cat breeds, they have rightfully earned the title of “gentle giants”. With their large bodies, water-resistant fur, and playful nature, Maine Coons are well-equipped to thrive in harsh winter climates. These cats have even made their way into the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s longest domestic cat.

Not only are Maine Coons known for their impressive size, but they also have a vocal nature and have been featured in popular culture. Owners often lovingly refer to them as “talkative” due to their frequent vocalizations, ranging from meows to trills. In the world of film, Maine Coons have made appearances in the Harry Potter series, showcasing their unique appearance and undeniable charm.

Maine Coons have also earned various nicknames that reflect their characteristics and size. From being called “gentle giants” to being referred to as the “mini lions” of the cat world, these cats truly stand out. Their playful nature and loyalty to their owners even earn them the title of the “dog of the cat world”. Some Maine Coons have been known to play fetch, further adding to their lovable and entertaining nature.

In summary, Maine Coon cats are a breed like no other. Their size, appearance, and remarkable traits make them truly exceptional. Whether you are captivated by their gentle giant stature, their water-loving tendencies, or their appearances in popular culture, owning a Maine Coon is a unique and rewarding experience. Consider browsing our approved Maine Coon Breeders list to find your perfect kitten!


How big do Maine Coons get?

Maine Coons are considered one of the largest domestic cat breeds. Male Maine Coons can weigh between 6-8kg, while females weigh between 3.5-5.5kg. They can reach a length of up to 1 meter, including their tail.

Do Maine Coon cats like water?

Yes, Maine Coon cats have a fascination with water. They are often seen playing with water, patting their water bowls, or even licking leaking taps. Their water-resistant fur and playful nature make them comfortable around water.

Are Maine Coon cats built for winter?

Yes, Maine Coon cats are built to survive harsh winter climates. They have dense and water-resistant fur, thicker around their belly and rear for extra protection in snow or ice. Their long, bushy tails and large paws act as snowshoes, and their heavily furred ears provide extra comfort in cold temperatures.

Have Maine Coon cats set any world records?

Yes, Maine Coons have made it into the Guinness Book of World Records several times. In 2010, a male purebred Maine Coon named Stewie held the record for the world’s longest domestic cat, measuring 123cm from nose to tail. In 2018, a Maine Coon named Barivel took the title of the current living record holder, measuring 120cm in length.

Are Maine Coon cats vocal?

Yes, Maine Coon cats are known for their vocal nature. They use various sounds like meows, chirps, trills, and yowls to communicate their needs and desires. Some owners even consider them “talkative” due to their frequent vocalizations.

Are there Maine Coon cats in pop culture?

Yes, Maine Coon cats have made appearances in pop culture. In the Harry Potter film series, several Maine Coons portrayed Mrs. Norris, the cat belonging to Argus Filch. They were trained to perform specific actions and movements in the films.

What are some nicknames for Maine Coon cats?

Maine Coon cats are often called “gentle giants” due to their large size and kind nature. They are also referred to as “mini lions” because of their solid, muscular body shape and thick fur around their neck. Some people even call them the “dog of the cat world” because of their playful nature and loyalty.

How does the size of Maine Coons compare to other cats?

Maine Coons are significantly larger than average domestic cats. Male Maine Coons can weigh between 15-25 pounds, while females weigh between 10-15 pounds. In comparison, the average male domestic cat weighs around 9-10 pounds, and females weigh around 8-9 pounds.

What is the conclusion about Maine Coon cat size?

Maine Coon cats are truly unique in their size and appearance. They are one of the largest domestic cat breeds, often referred to as “gentle giants.” With their large bodies, water-resistant fur, and playful nature, they are built to withstand harsh winter climates. Maine Coons have even made it into the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s longest domestic cat. Their vocal nature, appearances in pop culture, and various nicknames further contribute to their popularity. Maine Coons are truly a remarkable breed.
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