Stop the Cat Peeing in your Potted Plants

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Nothing is more annoying than cat pee in your indoor pot plants. The smell can become overwhelming after a few dozen pees. Cats are notorious for using your potted plants as a toilet even if they are provided with clean litter trays or access to the outside. The soft damp earth is just irresistible to them so you need to make it as uncomfortable as possible for the cat to urinate in the plant pots.

Below are a few tips on how to prevent cats peeing in the house plant soil and a few tips on how to save your potted plants from the effects of cat urine.

  • Put aluminum foil over the soil . Most cats don’t like to walk on it.
  • Put pine cones in the pot. The pricklier the better.
  • Cover the soil with large irregular shaped pebbles or stones. Not so comfortable for the cat when trying to dig in the soil.
  • Use a strong citrus or citronella spray around the top of the pot. Most cats don’t like citrus smell. Alternatively you can put orange or lemon peel around the plant.
  • Put chicken wire over the earth Bend it so it is raised off the surface of the soil. The cat will feel insecure if he jumps on it and also it will stop him digging
  • Cut fly screen to fit the size of the top of the pot. Cut a split in it and place it around the stem of the plant and place it so it lies over the soil.
  • Put double sided sticky tape around the top of the pot. This may deter the cat from hopping in. They don’t like the feel of it on their paws.
  • Use a spray bottle containing water to squirt at your cat when you catch him in the act of peeing in the pot plant, or for longer range get a kid’s water pistol.

Cat urine will certainly kill some plants. If your pot plants stink take them outside and use the hose to flush them out or stand them in the sink and run clean water through them. You can also use a little white vinegar mixed with the flushing water to neutralize the cat urine and restore the ph.

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