How Bathe Your Cat – Is It Necessary to Wash a Cat?

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Under normal circumstances it is not necessary to bath your cat..

Cats usually take care of their daily grooming themselves. They are most fastidious and clean

Cats spend a much of their day grooming themselves. Using their barbed tongues they lick dirt and debris off their coat which keeps it clean and odor free.

Reasons why you may need to bath your cat

  • The cat has got something dangerous or poisonous on its fur.
  • It has soiled itself and it has poop on it’s fur. (Especially Long Haired Cats)
  • You are allergic and need to bathe it to keep allergens down. More Reading on Allergy to Cats
  • Some mishap causes your cat to become dirty or smelly.
  • Show Cats are often bathed before showing.

No Need to Bath because of Fleas

Flea Baths and Dips are unnecessary. Modern flea treatments are far more effective than a bath. More Reading on Getting Rid of Fleas

Read on if it is necessary to give your cat a bath.

What you will need to bath your cat

Prepare the items you will need for the bath.

  • Pet Shampoo
  • A Sponge
  • A Towel
  • A spray that attaches to the faucet or tap is useful but not necessary. A pitcher or jug will do the job just as well

What To Do

  1. Using the kitchen sink or laundry tub is often easiest as you don’t have to bend down and you are more in control.
  2. Fill your sink or tub half way with warm water. (Test the temperature as if you were giving a baby a bath) Then carefully place the cat in.
  3. Work as quickly as possible to get the job over to reduce the amount of time your cat is stressed.
  4. Wet your cat completely using the the sprayer or jug (pitcher) then apply the shampoo. Work it in using a sponge. A sponge is preferable as it works up a good lather.
  5. Next rinse completely once again using the sprayer or jug (pitcher)

After The Bath

Now, he’s done. Wrap him up in the towels and blot off as much of the water as possible from his body.

If necessary use a blow dryer at the very lowest setting. Keep it continuously moving so that you do not burn him


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