How to advertise with us?

To facilitate banner creation, please complete the form below as thoroughly as possible and use the “Additional details” field on the next page to guide us on the desired style.

Banners are listed according to the state the cattery is in. The states are listed alphabetically. The banners operate on a first come first displayed system. Unfortunately your banner will be at the bottom of the list for your state until someone new adds a banner there. Then you will move up one. Our banner advertising service has been running since 1998 with many of our original advertisers still advertising with us today.

How do I work with you to get the design I like?

After you send us your information, we will show you the banner we have made for you and will give you the opportunity to make any changes to it. We will negotiate back and forth via email until you are happy with the design. When you are happy with the design, we will go ahead with the final product.


Total cost for one Banner listing is $60 for the first year and then $40 for subsequent years if you choose to renew your listing.

Your Best Contact Details

Your Banner(s) Details

Please try to complete the form as wholly as possible, allowing us to configure your banner for the best user experience.
If you breed multiple breeds, please choose all of them in the field below. We will generate multiple banners for you.
If you don't want your email or phone displayed on the banner, feel free to leave the corresponding fields below empty.

File Upload

To attract people to your banner, the most crucial feature is the photo. A clear crisp, eye-catching photo works wonders. Choose photos that will appeal to the public. Square photos or landscape view photos work within the banner far better that tall skinny ones.